Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Homer Alaska

On our second day in Alaska, Eric had planned to take us from Anchorage to Homer. It was going to be about a four hour road trip, so we got an early start.

On our way out of town, he wanted us to stop by his grandmother's lovely home. Donna is such a sweet and gracious lady with quite a charming Alaskan history. She had stories and lots of pictures to share with us. I could have stayed all day! I just love her.

Her property is just so pretty with lots of flowers. It's just a very inviting home filled with love and lots of memories.

This is the Kenai River which is the most beautiful color. It looks like sea glass blue. If you look closely, you can see lots of fisherman fishing along that bank. Eric stopped and we walked down so Jimmy could get a good look at this sight. Our next trip to Alaska will include a fishing trip!

It was getting late, so we drove on to Homer. Homer is a cute town. The tourist part is on the spit. You drive way out to the end of the spit and it is really pretty. Lots of cute little shoppes to delight the shopper!

Who knows what these two are laughing about! Sometimes my sides just hurt from laughing all day!

One of the views from the back of the little buildings! Magnificent.

We stayed in a cute little lodge on Beluga Lake. It was nice and cozy and the evening turned out to be so nice. We sat outside and talked and laughed and soaked it all in.

Here's the lake. When you're in Alaska, you get used to all the little planes that are always flying overhead. You can see one here on the lake that was taking off.

Notice the FIRE WEED plants! Can you see that large white machine on the road? We were laughing as it slowed traffic as it chugged up the hill. The laugh was on us! That night, the machine was used to strip the asphalt off the road right by our rooms! The crew worked all sleep for us that night!

We thought it was funny when we were sitting outside that the big Bud Light truck pulled into the parking lot! Don't get run over guys! Ha ha ha.

As you can see, the sun popped out before the end of the day and it was really a great day of seeing some more of Alaska. 


mamasmercantile said...

Looks like an amazing trip with some wonderful memories made. Some great views and those old style shops looked delightful. Have a great weekend.

Denise said...

Fun ! Such a wonderful trip Hugs -Denise

Stephanie said...

Alaska seems so magnificent! Your pictures make me want to go visit right now!

So glad you were able to take some time to visit and relax :) Love to you!