Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice...the longest day of sunshine and the shortest day of here today and that means it is now summer! I have heard that this is a very special day for the fairies as can be seen in this delightful work of Ida Rentoul Outhwaite. I had a feeling something was up as some fairy things appeared around my home all day!

My Tasha Tudor friend, LaVonne, has always wanted to have a virtual Summer Solstice event and this was the year! She suggested we have a bonfire and make SMORES to celebrate. She did just that in Montana tonight. I had hoped to join in the fun and even gave Jimmy Father's Day money to buy a fire pit. He decided to go to his gold mine claim and cabin in Idaho, so no smores for me!

I did get to keep Otto overnight and that made the first day of summer very special for me. He was all ready for summer-dressed in his little summer shorts. He is so cute! He's cutting more teeth, so he had a few hard days this week. He needed to come to Grandma's for some special lovin'. I get to have Ava tomorrow night...I'm sure it will be a Barbie event.

To celebrate today, I bought Otto a stroller that I could keep here. I love to walk and thought this would be good for both of us. I put it together this afternoon and was all set. He wasn't too sure he liked it for awhile. He was getting tired.

So, how could Otto and I join in the Tasha Smores party? Well, we could at least have a snack! This is what we had and Otto was pretty excited to have a new cookie. We split one and he fed me half of mine. He laughs when he feeds you which is adorable.

I put my baby down and picked up the house and thought I heard something outside. Hummmm, a fairy wand was sitting on the little table outside and it was glowing.

I checked the fairy garden under the blueberry plants and it looked like a new lantern had been added! Oh, those fairies were up to something, I just knew it.!

I turned all the lights off and noticed a glow from the new lantern! I think there's going to be a party tonight!

Just checked the little guy and I see that the Midsummer Night's fairies had been in there. I'm sure they kissed his sweet little cheeks or sang him a lullaby.

Nighty night! Happy Summer days ahead for you and yours.


LaVonne said...

Very fitting that his first ride is a Jeep! I had no idea they made strollers too! And his own drink holder and snack tray! Very nice! His "smiling" picture looks a lot like his sister! :-)
Fun for Grandma and Otto!

Denise said...

Perfect ! That tiny light in the garden is so special.More special and that smile :) is-OTTO

Prairie Patch Quilts said...

What a wonderful, magical day for you and your grandson. A day with the grand babies are just the best ever. Love the way you celebrated with the s'mores!

Suzanne said...

He is just a doll! And I love your little fairy garden, did they leave anything behind?

mullmom said...


Susan said...

Hi Linda....Awwwwwww, so darned cute. I'm sure your daughter and son-in-law love leaving Otto with you as much as he loves BEING with you.

I know how you feel because when I have my sweet pea, my heart sings!

Okay, well, hope your weekend is going great. Susan

La Tea Dah said...

A sweet day! Little Otto is adorable! He's growing quickly and is a cutie pie! I had an uncle with the same name --- and am always reminded of him when you share about your Otto. :)

GardenOfDaisies said...

Your little Otto is just so precious!!

Beatrice Euphemie said...

What a sweet and darling little boy - I'm surprised the fairies didn't try to steal him! Sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate the solstice - fairies, darling grandchild and s'mores. What could be better? xo karen