Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Miss Ava and Barbie

After I had Otto for the night on Saturday, it was Ava's turn to spend the night on Sunday. So, I went from baby boy to Barbie time! I still have my Barbie dolls and clothes from when I was little. I got my first Barbie in 1960...the blonde ponytail Barbie or as she is referred to in this little booklet below....
"Basic Barbie Doll Fashion Model Set". Look at the price!

Recently, Ava got the reproduction Barbie ~ Solo in the Spotlight. That's the cool black slinky dress that you often see. This doll really got Ava back into her Barbie dolls after taking a break with her American Girl Doll...Saige.

This is the reproduction Barbie and I think she's really pretty. I love her hair!

My original Barbie can be seen on the left here, standing next to Ava's. You can see some of her other dolls that were included in our play time. Playing  Barbie's with Ava goes on for hours! She loves to play Barbie and is so creative making up stories. It fascinates me and really tells you a lot about what is going on in that little head of hers!

My doll has the original Solo in the Spotlight outfit, but I no longer have the microphone. I do have all the other pieces. My poor Barbie could use a new hair style, but then, she has been around for a long time.You can see some of my outfits in my black Barbie suitcase below. My mom also made a lot of outfits for my doll. Have you ever tried to make Barbie clothes? VERY difficult. My mom not only made the outfits for me, she made matching ones for my sister's Barbie! My mother made so many doll clothes for me. I can remember her sewing in her room when we went to bed before Christmas. I never put it together that she was making doll clothes for years.

More of Ava's doll....

Below are some of the original outfits that I do have. I also have a vintage Ken. Maybe he'll appear in a blog post someday.

After playing in the house for the afternoon, we needed to go outside and get some fresh air! The garden and flowers also needed to be watered. Ava helped me and then she found a mud puddle. Why do kids love mud? Silly girl...she sure had fun!

Muddy feet for sure Miss Ava!

Look at that smile! I think Ava is ready for summer. She was so happy during her visit and we had a great time together. She is a chatty one and I love it. A few times she would ask me, "Am I talking too much?" I answered...."NEVER!"

I guess I should apologize to my girls Angie and Gina. I never really let them play with my vintage Barbie dolls and their clothes. Sometimes, I would sit with them and show them all the goodies. I think they did play with them when I was at work, but that's ok. I had so much fun mixing and matching my outfits and playing with Ava this weekend. I guess grandmas mellow out with their toys. I do have to admit I popped onto Ebay for a few additions for Barbie's vintage wardrobe. I love having a little girl in my life who loves to play with dolls! I am blessed. 


Jill said...

Love the old Barbie's, but then,Barbie really is timeless!! I love to see the old ones that people have kept, I recently did a Barbie post as well

Prairie Patch Quilts said...

I have a grand-daughter too, that I hope to play dolls with someday. Sounds like you had another wonderful time. Wish I still had my Barbie's. I enjoyed seeing your post. Yes, I agree with mellowing with grand kids. I had three boys; so a grand-baby girl is fun.

Stephanie said...

Ava is absolutely precious! Her smile just lights up her sweet face :)

Love those old Barbies! I remember my grandma Dee used to have a bunch in boxes and I used to wish I could play with them, but they were off-limits as she hoped to sell them one day. I'm not sure what happened to them. . . I should ask her sometime.

Anyway, have a lovely day, my friend! Love and hugs to you!

janice15 said...

im a huge Barbie person i played with them forever and most days as a young person.. I haven't got mine any longer i gave them to my cousin which I regretted later on. Her Mom my aunt made many crocheted outfits for me I still remember them.. sadly they are gone with the dust... But I had collected others but they remain in their original boxes clothers as well and I still have my oldest daughters and youngest daughters.. enjoyed my visit with love Janice

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I see a lot of fun. Nice collection of vintage Barbies. Your clothes are awesome. Ken is wearing a great suit. You have a fabulous collection. Keep in touch