Monday, March 3, 2014

This Past Weekend...

It's Monday and another new week! Last week was really busy and today, Jimmy and I are taking it easy. Actually, I am not feeling well, so I am still in my jammies and I even took a nap. We spent most of last week getting ready for the Expo Antique and Collectible show. I finally got my pix to load up so I can post some photos from the show. Here's my Jimmy! We were all set up on Friday, all ready to go. We had a lot of really nice customers come in.

A little look at the men's table....

I loved this leather photo album from Multnomah Falls and it did sell!

A look at the wood and kitchen section. The white divider from our neighbors was a bit annoying and blocked our booth walking down the aisle. You never know who will be next to you.

Love this little desk and chair combo. Rolling pins sell so well! This wine rack makes the perfect display piece for them.

Another view of the men's table.

Jim gave me the back middle section to have some fun and I got to choose whatever I wanted. It did great! I have been given the challenge of doing my thing again for the July show. Hummm....time to think and plan and shop a bit. I have so much "stuff" I can usually pull it together pretty easily.

We also did some babysitting for the little guy last week. He spent the night with us and here he is getting ready to go to last bottle.

I just adore this picture...a little sleeping angel. He is so fair and I love his blonde hair. It's really filling in. Little Otto is 7 months old already!

I went over to Chris and Angie's home one morning to watch Otto. Ang is doing a little part time work. He was so interested in playing with all his toys! He's at a really fun age right now.

Jimmy and I are both amazed at how special it is being grandparents. He is such a good little guy and so cute. He melts our hearts.

This coming Friday, we will have Ava and her doll friends overnight. That should be LOTS of fun!


Bernideen said...

So glad your show went well and looked very interesting!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Sorry you're not feeling well, Linda. Feel better soon, OK? Glad your show went well. That little fellow is a darling! Babies are indeed such little angels, aren't they? Have a wonderful week.


Jane said...

You should be getting something in the mail for Otto in the next week or so (depending on when I can get to the post office). Only 10 more days of session and I get my life back. :)

Ruth Weston said...

That brings back memories of when we used to do wonder you need a breather and a rest! Looks great!

mamasmercantile said...

Sorry to hear you are not well, Otto is adorable. Loved the idea of a wine rack to display rolling pins very clever.

LBP said...

Little Otto is adorable! I would love to kiss those sweet cheeks!

Glad your show went well. I would like to do something like that but they only have 2 per year here and they fill up fast!

Hope you are feeling better soon.


Susan said...

He's a living angel, Linda. Just beautiful beyond belief.

I know what you mean about how special it is being a grammie. Just the best gift life can give.

Take care. So glad your booth did well. I'd LOVE to do that. It's been on my bucket list for years. Susan

Jan Richardson said...

Hi Linda,
Your booth looks great, lots of wonderful finds.
Sure hope your feeling better now, no fun being sick.
Gosh, your little Otto is really growing! He is so cute.
Blessings to you!