Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tea Time Thursday #34 Valentine's Mail Before ♥ After ♥ and Inbetween ♥

Those of you who know me, know that I like to save up my Valentine cards until February 14th arrives. I belong to a few groups that do exchanges and also have some really nice friends and blogger friends who send me cards and such. Sometimes, I get a bit behind and the cards have to wait. I just like to have a quiet time to open the arrivals and really enjoy them. So much time and thought goes into all of this and I want to really appreciate it all. So with all the birthdays that have been celebrated, I just got around to opening my goodies last night! Shame on me! Here is the before and......

here is the after! Such a basket full of love and delights!

I wanted to share all the cards from my tea group for Tea Time Thursday this week. I belong to a great and very active tea group~AFTERNOON TEA ACROSS AMERICA.  You can find it on Facebook if you are interested. It is a closed group, but LaDonna would be happy to help you join. If you love tea, this is just a great group. Lots of interesting stories, recipes and information. For our card exchanges, we send a card, a tea bag of sample of loose tea, and some tuck ins! I always love to see how creative the gals are with their little goodies that they add...stickers, recipes, cup cake papers, tags, ornaments and bookmarks.

This is a very cool tuck in about the Legend of St Valentine. It's a postcard and a little ornament you can hang.

More tea time cards and treats. Thank you to everyone on the group who participated. It was really fun.

Of course, I can't forget my Tasha Tudor group exchange! Not many joined this year but it was still fun for those of us who wanted to play. Thank you Nancy for the lovely embroidered napkins!

You know, Annabelle gets Valentine cards from her dolly friends across the country. Here she is checking the mailbox to for her cards! Oh, one from Canada this year.

She had her table set for tea too. She loves tea as much as I do! She really wishes her friends lived closer.

More sweet cards from friends. My friend Sha sent me the cutest item...a wooden puzzle that is called a Church Puzzle. Years ago, the parents would make them for the children to keep them busy and quiet at church. I have heard of hanky dollies for church, but never puzzles. This on has a Valentine theme.

Christine sent a darling little envelop filled with her wonderful paper creations and of course, a Valentine for the dolls. She made my Maggie doll and has such a fun style that I so enjoy.

I can't for get my blogger friends out there! Denise made me a great hanging card and sent a vintage quilt block! Very special.  Shawn makes lovely cards and sent tea and a lavender sachet. What a surprise. And I can't for get sweet Stephanie. I'm sorry this phot didn't really show her items too well.
She makes the sweetest little goodies. Bookmarks, a magnet, cut out hearts, glitzy paper clips and a little spool hanging heart mobile. It's all wrapped up in this photo but it's really neat. Thank you blogger friends for your treats and cards.

So February is almost over an I always hate to say goodbye. It's a busy month for us with one more birthday to celebrate.It's been so fun. I know most of you are sick of winter but I hope you had some fun this month too.


Susan said...

Oh my GOSH, Linda. You hit the jackpot in the card department! Wow wow wow

That is so wonderful that you got all those fabulous cards and remembrances from friends. That is soooo special.

Thanks so much for sharing. Susan p.s. I feel so bad I didn't even send you a Valentine card. :(

GardenOfDaisies said...

Oh wow, wow, WOW!! These card/gift/tea swaps you are in look so fun. So many delightful bits and pieces. I wish I had more time for that sort of thing, but between full time work and taxes and baby showers and company coming I barely have a minute to call my own right now. I keep telling myself "someday" and "when I retire". :-)

Jan Richardson said...

Wow, you got so many beautiful valentines!! Did you receive mine, I didn't see it. I loved the one's you and Annabelle sent. I just love valentines!!

La Tea Dah said...

Oh, so many wonderful Valentine cards!!! And it was fun seeing the one I sent --- and others that matched ones sent to me! Thanks for sharing the word about ATAA. New people are ALWAYS welcome! Lovely post, Linda!

Dianne said...

Sooooo lovely to see all of these together and to find inspiration for next year too! Time to look through my own again, enjoy the tea, read the messages, and think kind thoughts about everyone who sent them!

Storybook Woods said...

Oh my goodness Linda. Is there room in your little cottage for you and the cards? Such love for the sweetest person I know xox Clarice

janice15 said...

Helo my dear.. so lovely cards.. very nice.. How do I find that group on Facebook.. it sounds wonderful.. thank you for your sweet visit as well.. with love Janice

Marilyn said...

Wow! I am impressed. That is a bunch of Valentines and all so fun to see. Oh I just love your miniature tea things for your doll.

Barbara Black said...

Dearest Lady Linda, Thanks for posting your blog.... I know I have been on it before as the older wonderful items I had seen. I have to make sure I don't lose you anymore.... what a lovely blog you have made yourself!! It was fun seeing all the Valentines you posted and seeing MINE!!! You displayed them beautifully. It is fun to partake in the Valentine exchange for sure on ATAA......