Monday, September 30, 2013

What a Weekend~Sweet Otto and Stormy Weather!

 JOY JOY JOY! Holding a sweet little sleeping grandbaby in your arms. We had him for almost 4 days and you really get to learn his habits and figure things out a bit with that much time together. I know I have been posting a lot of baby pix and baby stories, but it really hit me this weekend, how blessed we are to have this baby in our lives. We had given up on grandchildren, really. You never know what God's plans are for you or your loved ones. Anyway, this is a little miracle baby and it has been so fun to have him in our lives. The weather was horrid this weekend...storm after storm battered the Northwest with rain and wind! We were happy to stay in and care for a baby. Being retired is great! Just feed and change and hug and play with the little monkey man all weekend long.

It was hard to get his little smile. This is a picture that Angie sent to me. He is all smiles now when he sees you or when you change him. So cute.

He had a little cold, so he was sleeping with his little mouth open. I think it's so cute.

Don't you love the happy face on his grandpa? Sweet, sweet, sweet!

Of course he does have his crying times and fussy times. When he wants to eat, you better be ready.

This is the first time I gave him a bath. I gave him one in the sink as it is easier on the old grandma! It
brought back so may memories of bathing my own children as we lived in this house when they were newborns too. LaVonne gave me this hooded baby towel set to keep at grandma's and it was just perfect. She sure fixed me up with goodies.

After he had his bath, he went down in his littel bed for one more sleep before mommy and daddy returned. He has ducky fuzz hair like his Auntie Gina had. His dark hair is being replaced by a light almost strawberry blonde color. His eyes are still blue.

Jimmy picked up his mommy and daddy from the airport. When they got back, Chris ran, yes ran, into the  house and scooped the baby out of my arms! He was so cute. He said he missed Otto so much.
The house was pretty quiet last night without our little monkey man.


Chatty Crone said...

There is nothing like holding a baby. Beautiful.

Susan said...

Oh God, Linda. I know EXACTLY how you are feeling about that darling little sweet baby. He is so adorable.

My granddaughter turned one year old this month. I'm watching her three days a week.

Ooooo weeeee. Getting my exercise chasing the little monkey around. ha haha It's good for her and good for me!

Thanks for sharing the darling photos.

Bet your daughter missed him, too! That was brave to go away with the baby being so little but she must have known he was in super good hands. Four of them!

Take care and God bless. Susan

Rosetta said...

Che dolce Γ¨ tuo nipote!Sicuro Γ¨ bello fare i nonni,anche se ci si stanca un po'!Baci,Rosetta

GardenOfDaisies said...

What a cute little fellow!!! I want to hold him, too!

Micupoftea said...

Awwwwwww....I am so happy for you and your family- what JOY! Looks like he kept you busy :)

Joyce Olson said...

Oh my goodness, you have an angel in your arms!!
I love seeing loving family moments like these-makes my heart sing!
Enjoy, enjoy!