Monday, September 16, 2013

I'm Back And Ready To Get Back to Blogging

It's been almost a month since I blogged! Jimmy and I had the most wonderful vacation, thanks to our good friends the Stucky family in Montana. I am doing to work backwards this week and try to post about our trip. Those of you on Facebook probably have seen all the fun we had, but I still want to blog about it so I can have a record of all my fun. Blogging seems to be the best way to keep track of my adventures and my journey through life. I always tried to keep a paper journel, but it never worked for me. So, I am jumping in here once again. I haven't read any of my blogging friends posts for so long! I will have to work at reconnecting with everyone again. My Jimmy is in Idaho for quite awhile at his goldmine camp. His midwest friends have traveled out to meet him and he was sure excited to leave. It will also give me sometime to get caught up on my Etsy, blogging, letter writing, thanks yous from vacation and of course, some babysitting.

This weekend was filled with fun! Yesterday I went to a sale and really found some fun items as you can see! Some for Etsy, some for friends and some for ME! This show is one every month but they break for summer. It was very busy yesterday and everyone was anxious to get back to normal after the summer.

There were lots of doll furniture and miniature. This cigar box is filled with some I found yesterday and some I found at the miniature show that was held on Saturday. My friend LaVonne and I are hoping to make a Peddler Doll after we finish our Annabelles. It was fun to have things to look for at the show.

I walked into my tea room yesterday and found this little gift that Jimmy left for me. It's so sweet.

So here's a photo of the "crowd" at the miniature show! Oh my gosh, it was so crowded. It was at a new building and they need to work out the widen the aisles. Lots of smiles.

You get to vote on the best exhibits. I wasn't as impressed with the offerings this year. I hope the show will get stronger again next year. Transitions are always hard.

I also ran into my friend Angela who comes to the show every year. We met a few years back when LaVonne was out. We only meet once a year at the show, isn't that funny? She is so sweet and always a joy to chat with. Her mom was too ill to attend, which made me sad. I told her next year!

This boat was amazing and very large. It was just charming and I have never seen anything like it. If you looked in the window down below, the dolls are serving tea!

A cute little garden theme exhibit.

This was a Christmas German market and it was WONDERFUL. My pix didn't come out too good, so you can't really see all the little details.

A fun little camper trailer that was getting a lot of attention.

This little sewing lady was my favorite! She was under a glass dome, so you can't really appreciate it all.I met the lady and purchased some items from her booth. She was really sweet and took a lot of time with me. I do believe Annabelle has to open a quilt shoppe someday. I have actually been collecting lots of sewing minis and think it would be great fun.

Remember, I said I had to backtrack so now I'm going to tell you about the Doll Show that was held on August 31st. I wanted to take Ava and she was so cute at her very first doll show! This is my favorite picture of her sweet looking and looking and looking.

I tend to go for all the older dolls. I was surprised at how much Ava has learned from me about dolls. She's a little sponge and just soaks it up. Love having her in my life!

We had to look at the vintage American Girl Dolls. Ava is hoping for one of the new ones this Christmas. My daughter Gina had the Samantha, so Gina and Ava have been sharing all the talk and catalogs about it all. Gina took her to the American Girl Doll shoppe in Seattle. I would like to go!

You know, shopping makes you hungry! So we went to Heidi's for lunch. Ava's loves to color...pretty serious. She ate all her soup and her salad.

I love tin head dolls and they are hard to find in Oregon. They are sort of like china heads, only made of tin. Often they are loved to death and primitive. I got the one on the left on our trip to Montana. She needs a dress or a shirt at least! I found the one on the right at the show. She is in great condition, love her dress and she is probably the best one I have. She was a bargain, as the lady wanted to get rid of her...good for me! I need to do a post on my tin heads.

I am trying not to buy anymore peg heads, but this little set with the book was too cute. The story of the doll is similar to Hitty.

So, you now have a wee little look at a few fun activities of Lady Linda! This week I start a new quilting group, back to bible study and the quilt show is this weekend! Just too much fun.


Stephanie said...

Oh sweet, wonderful, beautiful're back!! I am rejoicing :) You have been missed, dear Linda. I look forward to catching up with you. Enjoy your Monday.

Love you!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I love miniatures fair. Major findings. I'm sure Ava enjoyed. There are very nice furniture and dolls. I'm glad that you will enjoy a happy summer. Keep in touch

Jemma said...

Welcome home! We missed you! I loved reading about the tin head dolls, I had no idea about their worth or history. So interesting to me.
Look forward to catching up!
Warm Hugs,

Susan said...

Welcome back, Linda. So elated you had a fabulous time. That was greatnews.

Well, you know I would have LOVED that miniatures show. Love, love, love it!

Check out my post today----update on my dollhouse bakery and candy shop!

Oh Linda. So happy you are back. Love, Susan

GardenOfDaisies said...

Welcome back! We missed you! Looks like you had a wonderful time at the shows! I love that your granddaughter goes with you. I love that little wooden dolly... so sweet.

Bernideen said...

All very interesting. Glad you had a great trip! I enjoyed seeing these photos!

mullmom said...

Jim's cabinet reminds me of the one my friend's father made for a camping kitchen. LOVE it.