Saturday, May 11, 2013

Pre Mother's Day...A Very Nice Saturday

I've been working on my yard all week and wanted to finish up on Friday but I came down with a very bad stomach ache that shut me down for the day. Jim brought me these lovely roses for Mother's Day and some good medicine for my tubby. I managed to sleep most of the day away, but really felt better this morning.

I had to finish planting up a hanging planter and I needed to pot up some pots....all fun for me!

I found this hanging planter a few years ago. It's quit heavy but I really like it. It's the only hanging planter that I plant. It' so nice and works well. Here's the finished product!

My friend LaVonne sent me this WONDERFUL hand forged and handmade gardening too. It's made in Montana and is almost too good to use. It is a work of art to me. Thanks again LaVonne!

I found a cute hanger to add to my potting shed so I have the perfect hanger for my garden tool.

I have a few shady spots in the backyard. It's fun to plant some shade plants in my backyard as my front is for sunny plants!

Another shade plater ready to grace the garden.

My blogger friend Shawn at Poetry in a Pot of Tea shared making a little fairy garden for May Day. It was so cute and inspired me to make a little one for myself. I think Ava will like it when she visits. Thanks Shawn for the ideas!

I finished up all my planting and yard clean up and had to get cleaned up for dinner. Eric and Gina drove down from Seattle and picked Angie up. We met at Edgefield for dinner at 6:30 pm. They wanted to take me out for an early Mother's Day celebration! it was so fun and dinner was so yummy.

My girls...the love of my life. Sisters~Angie and Gina. I love my girls! Thanks for making my day so special!

The newly weds...they have almost been married a year...8 months already. They sure are cute!

Treats from Seattle! Cookies and candies from a French bakery in Seattle! YUMMY! Don't you just love the plastic green snail watering can!

Angie had an assortment of little goodies and treats! She always knowsn what I like.

The little card has two little circles with for Ava and one for Otto! I was so touched. I can add them to my charm bracelet. One for baby Otto (due in July) and one for Miss Ava (I already think of her as my granddaughter) So sweet Angie, just like you!

These two pictures are photos of Mother's Day azaleas that Jim and the girls gave me years ago. They have grown quite large. They gave me 12 and only two have survived.  

I'll be spending the day with Jimmy out in Aurora tomorrow after church.  Looks like another fun day.
Happy Mother's Day to you all!


Rosetta said...

Linda bel post pieno di fiori e d'amore!Dolcissime le tue ragazze!Buona Mother'Day!Bacioni,Rosetta

Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

Happy Mother's Day to you! I am sorry you weren't feeling well and that you're much better now. It looks like a most wonderful weekend! You are blessed.

Micupoftea~ said...

Hurrah! It turned out SO cute, Linda! you should enter it in the Magic Onion Fairy Garden contest (link on my blog). What fun. Love the gardening tool and faucet hanger. Your family is glad you spent time with them. xox