Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gardening and Busy Days

Having a quick cup of coffee this morning before we take my car in for new brakes! It has been busy around the Colantino Cottage! We had Ava overnight again on Saturday and oh my goodness, she is so busy! It's a JOY to have all that energy around and that cute little voice to make you happy. I was SO tired when Chris and Angie picked her up. She was too and took a nap until 5 PM!  Angie is doing well with her pregnancy and for that, we are so thankful. They are planning for a big baby shower over the Memorial Day weekend. Gina will be down to help. I am MISSING my Gina and Eric. Seattle isn't that far away really but it's not like having the kids live here in town.

We've been getting the yard and the patio ready for summer and had our first dinner outside last night! It's been in the 80's for days, very early for warm temps in Oregon this early. Jim brought the fans over and put up the screens on the front windows. What a difference! COOL air. We do have a small AC and I think this year it will be back in business. The last two summers were so wet and cool, we didn't set it up. I have a feeling this will be a warm summer.

After we drop the car off, we are going to the nursery for some plants. I had Duane clean our a flower bed that was so overgrown, so now I have a blank canvas! FUN!

I had a really bad day yesterday, but am believing that today will be better. Trying to have a good attitude after some prayer time this morning. 


La Tea Dah said...

It sounds like a fun, happy, and cheerful place, that cottage of yours!

Gracious Hospitality

Jemma said...

What happy spaces you are creating and enjoying-I know your little one enjoyed being with you! I will have my 3 year and 7 year old granddaughters Friday through Sunday! I will love it, but it also be exhausting-trying to think of some ideas to make them happy:)
Glad your day is better today-

Susan said...

Hi Linda....So sorry to hear you had a bad day yesterday. I truly hope today was better.

Sounds like you are very busy there. Same story here but it's fun and I love the month of May. Everything is starting to bloom and that makes it wonderful!

Take care. Susan