Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tea Time Thursday #12 ~ More China Painting

I am almost too late for Tea Time Thursday, but the clock hasn't chimed midnight yet, so here goes!
Years ago, Jimmy and I went to a sale that was just filled with china painted items. I didn't know much about china painting, but I did think these china snack trays were beautiful. I picked out four floral sets, all different, and packed them away. I just got them out again and to my surprise, they were dated 1947 and 1949. I always thought they were painted in the 1980's.

They would be perfect for a tea with special friends. I wasn't even into tea when I purchased them. Interesting where life takes you along your journey.

Of course, the pansy set is my favorite. I love anything with those cute little pansy faces!

This set features  sweet purple and white little violets. Don't you like the oval shape of the dish?

The fuschia set is different, yet pretty. I was just thinking about a fuschia hanging plant for my backyard.

I always think of my daughter Gina when I see a morning glory. For some reason, she always loved them. This set is so soft and dainty.

Each cup and each plate is signed by Blanche Martindale on the bottom.

I'm sure glad I decided to save these. Now it's time to use them....right?

I did a bit of gardening earlier this week and I am ready to jump in. The weather is supposed to be great next week, so that may be the time for least cleaning out flower beds. All these painted flowers are making me long for spring flowers.


Maureen said...

Those pieces are absolutely stunning! I'd be delighted to be served my lunch on one of those beauties. Morning glories make me think of my daughter because she planted them at a home she rented and sixteen years later they are still blooming beautifully.

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Just gorgeous sets. So beautifully painted. Good that you kept them and got to rediscover them!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Just gorgeous sets. So beautifully painted. Good that you kept them and got to rediscover them!

Stephanie said...

Absolutely stunning! Each one is very unique and I'm sure it's a delight to use them with friends while enjoying tea :)
Hugs to you,

Linda @ A La Carte said...

These plates and cups are gorgeous! So glad you shared them with us. The hand painting is amazing.
hugs, Linda

GardenofDaisies said...

These painted tea sets are all so lovely. I can't decide which one is prettiest. You definitely need to host a tea party for your friends this weekend!

Linda Fox said...

Your collection of tea cups continues to amaze me.

Susan said...

Your treasures are beautiful, Linda. You can have tea and a snack in style! Susan

kitty said...

Aren't the painted pieces beautiful??!! What treasures you have. I love each of them and would be so happy to have my tea from them.

Tea in Texas said...

I left a comment on your posting about your weekend, also! How lovely to have treasures and unpack them for enjoyment. The hand painted snack sets are really artistic and whoever painted them was talented. I am so glad you shared them and I would pick the morning glory set for my favorite! The sets are beautiful and the so are the photos!


Snap said...

Gorgeous! I love hand painted china and you have some real beauties! Hidden treasures rediscovered. Lucky You! Happy Tea Day!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hello my sweet friend,
What darling tea & snack sets and hand-painted too. How special! I think my favourite is the pansy too. The lady did a lovely job painting them and I'm so glad you held on to them. Thank you for sharing with us at Tea Time.

I featured the adorable tea towel you sent me at last week's tea party. Did you happen to see it?
Have a lovely week, Linda.