Sunday, January 20, 2013

Thankful for Books and Libraries

My blogger friend Susan at Writing Straight From the Heart has joined Linda at A La Carte  on Sundays for a nice tradition. Linda is hosting Gratitude Sunday each week and I think it's a great idea to really make you think about how blessed we all are! So, I have decided to link up and join in. This is week #3.

So, I am thankful for books and libraries this week. I am not a good reader nor an avid one, but I do love books! Jim and I go to the local library often for movies and I just get lost and time just stops when I'm in a library. So fun to explore a favorite crafts or a new cookbook...anything! It's one thing I feel like I really get my money's worth from my tax dollar. I know Kindles are the thing right now, but there's nothing like a real book in your hands! I love books.

Below is our beautiful Portland Library called Central Library. It's a lovely building in a park setting downtown. Isn't that a great picture of the interior? It was taken by our local newspaper, the Oregonian.

Last year, out little city of Troutdale got it's own library! We have lived here for 36 years and finally we have a small local library. It's in a strip mall.....quite a contrast from the one downtown!

My friend had this picture on her Facebook page this morning. Don't they look fun?


Betty@SouthernGrace said...

Oh, I love books and libraries too :) beautiful!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Dear Lady Linda,
Thank you so much for joining Gratitude Sunday! I too love books and use my library frequently! Your old one is so fabulous. I hope you'll come back next week!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

I love books and libraries too. Reading is my greatest pleasure. Visiting you from Linda's Gratitude Sunday.

Susan said...

Hi Linda....That's a great thing to be thankful for and I'm right there with you! Oh, what would we ever do without libraries? I LOVE books and all the services of the library.

Thanks for mentioning my blog, too! You're a sweetie. Susan

Lady Jane said...

I was at my library yesterday morning. We are going to display some of our miniatures there the month of February. Hopefully we will get some new members for our club. Enjoyed your wonderful post. What a beautiful library in Portland.

Micupoftea~ said...

Hello Linda!
I love libraries too! Spent so many summers taking my daughter to the Summer Reading program, and we always went home with a bag of books. I read regularly, and feel like you do about having a book in my hand. However, I was given a Nook for Christmas and can am really enjoying it! I will still buy those books that I want to own and put in our household library~

Denise said...

Today I'm feeling a lot better.Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.The central library is a beauty.I'm also glad you have one close by.Paul and I use them as our date nights :)

Denise said...

Oh the cupcakes are so beautiful and I bet Delicious.

Christine LeFever said...

How sweet of you, Lady Linda, to accentuate the wonders of the library. Yes, our Portland, downtown, Multnomah County Library has been a favorite destination of mine since childhood, although I seldom get there anymore. I grew up in the Laurelhurst neighborhood and back then my Dad would take me to the library. Out of the 8 children, I don't recall any of the others wanting to tread along! He used to check out classical music albums too.

I have to confess that I also enjoy my Kindle. There can never be too many books!