Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Strawberry Full Moon

It's strawberry time in Oregon. We just finished up our second batch of fresh local berries tonight  and will have to head to the berry stand tomorrow for more! As my Jimmy says, "You can't get 'em in January!"

I don't know how they are so yummy and sweet as we haven't had an abundance of sunshine. I like them best just cut up in a bowl, but these treats sure look delicious.

My friends on the east coast often talk about Moon Pies. I have never had one but found that they do make a Strawberry Moon Pie!

How perfect as it's a full moon on Monday and one of it's several names is the STRAWBERRY FULL MOON. Other names are: blooming, rose, lotus, windy, green corn, planting, moon of horses, and moon when June berries are ripe.

This is a great pattern you can order on line from one of my favorite companies...Bird Brain Designs. They are located in California and have so many fun things to offer...check them out!
The offer a free embroidery pattern every month. Guess what they are offering for June? A strawberry pattern for your tea towel. Pretty cute!

So grab a cup of tea and read this little quote I found. Celebrate June as we begin summer, enjoy the longest day of the year and enjoy those strawberries. Have a good week!

"As the strawberry resembles the shape and colour of the human heart, it also represents the sweetness and kindness of emotions that bring people together to feast and exchange ideas."
Peterborough Examiner


~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

YUM!! So many good things you can do with strawberries, love going and eating...I mean picking them :) lol. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the day!! xx Holly

Leann said...

Yumm - I just cut up 2 quarts to have for breakfasts. Love that redwork!