Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Father's Day My Jimmy!

A light breakfast on the Deschutes for my Jimmy earlier this week as we celebrated Father's Day a bit early for him. The weather was warm and perfect and we spent most of our time outside! This is what he asked to do for his special Father's Day gift from me.  My husband is a very giving person who always puts his "girls" first. I have been blessed to be loved and cared for by this man for many years. He has done so many things for me and is always willing to listen and support me in my next adventure. He is a most wonderful father and has been right from the very beginning of their lives.
Gina is down from Seattle to join us on Sunday for a Day With Dad including big sister Angie. I'll have to share the activities of the day later.

Jim spent so many years as a pharmacist in the back of some store. Now that he's retired, he is really enjoying the great outdoors. Can you see how happy this guy is! He took some time to sort his flies out on the deck before he took off for his fishing!

You have to have lots of flies for your hobby! Pretty cool, heh? Hope he has enough-LOL!

Let me share some views of the property. We really enjoyed our stay at La Casa.

Even in the desert area of central Oregon you can find some gardening. The bird life is abundant here so close to the river. Lots of song birds to enjoy!

So my Jimmy....Happy Father's Day. I love you and thank you for all your many years of being a loving and giving father and husband. Have some fun and start dreaming about another trip to the river!


janice15 said...

Nice post...happy weekend..with love Janice

Susan said...

Sounds like your sweetheart is a gem, Linda. Glad you love and appreciate him. Susan

Anonymous said...

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