Monday, November 14, 2011

UFO Quilt Retreat Nov 2011

Last weekend Columbia River Gorge Retreats hosted our 6th quilting retreat.  This was our second one at our new home at the Best Western in Washougal WA. After a rocky start and help from the manager Chris, we finally got things set up and rolling. I think I posted earlier that I was working on the pampering gifts, but I couldn't post the pix as I didn't want to spoil the surprise. This was our UFO retreat...unfinished projects and we had a fun alien, robot, space theme. We always make a pincushion for our guests. Peggy made the flying saucers this time.

Here's the other pampering gifts for you to see! These were so much fun this to be a kid!

We had to set up the room late Thursday night to greet our quilters in the morning as we had a bit of a problem when we arrived. It was fun to have the ladies come in the next morning and find all the decorations.

The snack bar was all dressed up for the UFO pampered quilter's retreat! Ready for a good time ladies.

 A purple alien and a blue alien guarded each door to the conference room.

I posted pictures on our FB page...Columbia River Gorge Retreats to share, so pop on over for some more fun pictures. I'll just post some random photos here so you can see the quilters at work!

Here's my favorite picture from the quilt retreat. So cute..........

Here's the mug shot of Peggy and me! You can see everyone else if you check out our FB page.


wilhelmina said...

Oh Linda it looks like so much fun! You will have to share your source for the robot goodies....Rich is a big robot fan and I try to get him something robot for his stocking at Xmas.

ornamentsbypink said...

Hi Linda, it looks like you all had a fun time! Love those little aliens. That was a cute idea for your quilting retreat. Linda would you have any idea if there are groups that raise money by doing quilting for people? I remember quite a few years back one of my customers made a quilt and found a church to hand quilt it for her and she paid them. I cut out and hand sewed a grandmothers garden quilt top last spring when I injured my back and spent 7 weeks mostly in bed. I did it all laying in bed. Anyways it came out perfect and I can't hand quilt it myself. Would you know how I might find a group to do it for me?