Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sweet Sarah Moog and Her Yummi-bears!

I was at a flea market on Sunday and I met the most delightful sweet young woman, holding a darling little girl in her arms. Sarah is an artist who creates the most adorable tiny bears and a few other critters. She should be showing her items off in a gallery! I added her blog to my blog list on the right, and you will be in awe if you visit her blog. I was reading along and that wee babe in her arms came early, so I'm sure this young mom is super busy with two children now.
She also told me here husband has been building her a studio out of reclaimed items and things found on Craig's list. Don't you love stories like that!
Sarah....I think one of your bears should be living in a tea cup!
Best of wishes Sarah. Keep your dream alive.

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Rosetta said...

Carino questo orsetto!Linda,stai cominciando a decorare per il natale!Baci,Rosetta