Friday, September 9, 2011

The Victorian Kitchen Garden

I came across this one day on the internet and would love to track down the video collection. My library did have the book, but not the videos. You can view introductions of these on YouTube. They go month by month and are just delightful! I'm fascinated with Victorian times and have often wondered how on earth they handled their food supplies. Have you ever read the menus for those huge and elegant dinner parties? My goodness. I just picked one of the choices to include with this post. There's several to watch and give you a little look at what this series is all about. Such a wealth of information. I love to watch Upstairs Downstairs....Mrs. Bridges was a wonder in the kitchen. So enjoy and see how things were done in Victorian times~quite amazing! The life of the head gardener must have been something.



Kathy said...

Oh this is just wonderful! I'd love to have a copy of this!
So thankful you shared,

Storybook Woods said...

Ohhh fun find, thank you. Clarice

Kathryn Ross said...

My good Lady Linda - Thank you so much for finding me! I hope we'll be visiting regularly together - I love the world your blog takes me too - so many of my favorite things that bless me and renew my spirit!

I fear I am back to work now, as school is in session, and even though I only teach drama, this year is fraught with many new regulations and responsibilities I did not have before. I may not be posting everyday - but as often as I can each week. Do stop in - as I will with you!

Miss Kathy

Jane said...

This is wonderful! :)