Monday, September 5, 2011

Doll Show Treasures

The Crossroads Doll and Teddy Bear Show was help on Saturday here in Portland. I really enjoy this one and this September show was the best one I have ever attended. More older dolls and collectibles made it all the better for me! Jim went along, such a good sport,and was also impressed. We've had so many stores and now doing the antique shows through out the year, I think it's fun for him to see how the vendors display their wares!
I got to pick out my Christmas present, but it has to be a secret! It will be very fun to share this again in December.
A darling wooden peg doll stole my heart. She's not old, but she sure is a sweetie and I love her. I haven't named her yet...maybe she reminds me of a sweet little lady who used to bake us coffee brownies with mocha frosting that was to die for!!!! I think she looks kind of OLD WORLD. What do you think? I think she was a good buy at $8. 50. Anyway, she's very happy to be living with the other dollies now in my tearoom.

I found this little flyer and loved the graphics. When I got home I was so delighted to find out that it has pages of valuable information about caring for old doll clothes~how to wash them and mend them. A real treasure.

These are a few wonderful paper items that came out of an old scrapbook. I spent about a half hour sorting through a tin of these. I wanted them all, 25¢ each I had was so excited.

We found some other great finds, but will share them as I go into fall.

It's Labor Day today and our weatherman has promised us some very HOT days ahead...ugh. I thought fall was on the way, but alas, we are getting the summer now that we didn't get in July or August.


LaVonne said...

She is a sweetie, for certain! Great buy! I would have fought you for her, so it's a good thing I wasn't there! :-) Seriously, she will have a very happy home now. Fun to see your treasures! I love it!

Rosetta said...

Che belle queste immagini!Baci,Rosetta

Angie said...

What a sweet doll. And Helga looks to be the perfect name! I've attended the Crossroads Doll show when it was in Puyallup a couple times and enjoyed it very much. So much magic there! And you're very lucky to have Jim. He's a very good sport indeed; that place is chick central..

I will say the one thing I saw at the doll show that disturbed me was the handful of women carrying around those Reborn dolls just like they were real babies...(front packs and receiving blankets, burp cloths and you name it!) and indeed they look just like real babies! Hmmmm..

But I like the kind of dolls you like. And the little graphic is so sweet! Love, Angie

Storybook Woods said...

Oh my goodness Linda, what finds. The doll is soo sweet!! xoxo Clarice