Thursday, June 9, 2011

Teacup Thursday #12-Roses!

Late, late, late! I had a connection problem with my computer last night and got back on track this morning. Then I had some problems posting pictures on my blog, so I am going to try this once again with a calm attitude and a new cup of coffee! The sun is shining so I can't be a grumpy Pooh Bear!
This is an exciting week in Portland, Oregon which is only 21 miles from my home. It's Rose Festival time and the grand floral parade is this Saturday.
The July/August issue of Victoria magazine just featured Portland with some lovely photos and fun information. They mentioned the rose test garden, started in 1917, the beautiful Chinese garden but neglected to show our Japanese garden which is just as lovely.
Anyway,today I'm showing a rose teacup by Adderely. It pink and white, of course, and just a simple sweet pattern.
I wanted to show some other rose items that I love from my tea collection. The rose teacup/teapot set was a birthday gift from friends when they took me to tea one December.
The teapot is a favorite of mine...pours well, holds the heat and is a good size. Don't you love teapots that behave so well? The hand painted tea tile is so lovely.
OK....I'm going to try once again to post these pictures and get this message posted for Miss Spenser's Teacup Thursday before it's Friday!
Happy rose time.

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Terri said...

Oh beautiful! I love both the tea pots and your pretty plate. Yes, I love it when a tea pot behaves well... it really does make a difference.
Thank you for sharing your favorite treasures with us.