Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday's project

I started a project yesterday and was able to finish it today. LaVonne so kindly sent me a little display box a few months ago so we can use it at the antique show for little items. It was in her shoppe for sometime and needed a bit of loving care, but it's so nice, I didn't want to do too much to it.
I got two little knobs for the drawers, so they could be pulled in and out. I lined the drawers with black velveteen. I wasn't sure how to attach the glass top, so I went to the local craft store and they told me to use silicon. It worked great.
I was having trouble getting a good picture as the glass top reflects the surroundings. I just gave up and let nature be part of the photo.
So, that project is done! It looks good and the box still has it's vintage charm.
Thanks LaVonne-we love it and will give it a good home.


Rosetta said...

Adorabili questi cassetti!Buon fine settimana!Rosetta

Anonymous said...

This is very cool xoxo Clarice