Tuesday, November 16, 2010

On my own~

Jim is in Illinois again so I'm on my own until Gina arrives from NM on Thursday.
sure have been getting a lot done! It's really chilly and grey outside,
so glad I have inside projects.Snow in the mountains and maybe a few
flakes down at our level. Glad Daune hauled up some wood for me.
Just finished the little quilt I started at the quilt retreat. Lost a lot of points...maybe taking cold meds isn't a good idea when your trying to sew. At least it's not a UFO any longer.
Baked the Dundee Cakes yesterday for the Tasha Tudor St. Nick's ornament exchange on Dec. 6th.
They are yummy and turned out good this year. I think I'll try to make
Clarice's chocolate cherry fruitcake next. She's such a fantastic cook
and baker. She is amazing and so willing to share her recipes.
I'm pretty excited for Christmas this year.It's all MS Gina's fault.
Time to start thinking about gifts for everyone.I have a few ideas floating around in the back of my head. I'm glad I have a little time to make some gifts.
The Troutdale craft show is at the park this weekend. It's a very nice show with quality items. I'm sorry Jim will have to miss is as he really likes this one.
Sha and her friend will be there and I'm hoping we can see each other. I think Gina would like to go. There's also a show at the Mission Museum in Salem that I'd like to go to. Need to swing through Aurora on the way down...need Christmas Tea from Time After Time.

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