Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Baking round two!

I don't know why I'm into baking this year for
Christmas! I got up early and made Clarie's Chocolate Cherry Fruitcake!
Oh my, the house just smells yummy yummy. I have to soak it in port for
weeks now. You can buy her little baking book on her Storybook Woods
blog, which I love to read.
It's another rather gloomy day in the
Northwest. Just talked with Gina...she'll be home tomorrow night. Can't
wait. We've been planning out our Friday. Lattes to Aunt Alisa, a visit
with Papa, maybe the craft show at theTroutdale park, a trip to Craft
Warehouse to buy sea shells for the beach trip Christmas tree! Still
trying to find a place at the coast. Thought we had one, but the price
was $350 more than quoted. Not going to work.
Off to meet Peggy for a bit of fun and need to review the last quilt retreat.


Jane said...

I'm baking my Dundee cakes this evening. I'll have to try the chocolate cherry one. My co-workers will go crazy. :)

Storybook Woods said...

Okay let me first say, I can see from your pictures you do NOT want to let me into your home. I will want to pilfer everything. That chest with the spices on them, LOVE!!!!

Oh I am thrilled you made the fruitcake. I hope you love it. IT is a family fav of ours xoxox Clarice