Monday, April 24, 2017

Papa John's 88th Birthday

April will soon be gone and I wanted to be sure that I get my dad's 88th birthday party pictures posted! His birthday was April 8th. My dad is so blessed to have his siblings close by and they just are the cutest family. Steve is the baby and dad is the oldest. My "Uncle Steve" is actually two years younger that me. I think it's funny that my mom and my grandmother were pregnant at the same time. My brother John and Steve are just months apart. Uncle Steve is so good about helping his older siblings get together. He drove down from Spokane, picked up my Aunt Dee and her husband and they stayed overnight at my Uncle Ray's house. He is always so happy to do it and he makes me smile. In this photo, you see my Aunt Dee (my godmother), Uncle Steve, My dad (Papa John) and my Uncle Ray. We had 29 family members show up for dinner at the Vancouver Spaghetti Factory. My brother John and his wife Ginger had a family funeral on her side, so they were the only members who couldn't attend.

My sister Debbie and my brother-in-law Bill.

Uncle Steve, nephews J and Patrick.

My daughter Angie, and my niece Anna with her hubby Matt.

My sister Alisa, my brother-in-law Marcos and my niece Desi.

I was sorry the lighting was bad on this nieces Maria, Amanda and Jenny.

My niece Jenny and my daughter Gina.

My son-in-law Chris and my grandson Otto ( couldn't catch him).

My nephew Markie and his girlfriend Jessica.

My great niece Bella and great nephew Peyton.

My niece Desi's hubby Don and his kids!

Some of the gang.

My Jimmy.

Jimmy and Linda with Uncle Ray and Papa John.                                                                              

The balloon guy with my sister Debbie and niece Amanda.

Aunt Dee and her big brother John.

All my dad's grandchildren. Anna, Angie, Amanda, Markie, Maria, J, Jenny, Desi Gina and Patrick.

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mamasmercantile said...

What a lovely family gathering, belated Birthday wishes for Papa John.