Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St Patrick's Celebration

Happy St Patrick's Day! Since I have a wee bit of Irish heritage, I always have to celebrate a bit!
Jim is off on a little trip with our handyman Duane, so I will have to cook his annual corned beef and cabbage dinner on Thursday.

The Wirth faminly invited us for dinner on Sunday, Our SIL is just a fabulous cook!  The table was all ready for the yummy food....corned beef, hot German potato salad and a mix of cabbage, apple and onion wonderful veggie dish. The soda bread was excellent!

Mama Angie and her little Irish man, Otto!

I caught this one in the kitchen as the "cook' was getting it all ready for the hungry visitors.

Ava and Otto....they are just so cute. They are both really growing up so quickly. They are both such happy kids. Aren't they just adorable all dressed in green?

Daddy Chris took a little time out for some fun dancing and singing with the kiddos.

These little pipe cleaner figures are charming. Chris and Angie decorate for all the seasons and holidays.

I got to bring the dessert tray....Blarney Stones, Melt in the Mouth cookies and Lucky Charm cereal bars for the kids. Yes, I did eat some treats...blew the diet, but it was worth it!

I didn't have a tea today with Jimmy out of town. I did have a cup of tea while I opened  my cards and goodies from my Afternoon Tea Across America (ATAA) tea time group.

I will get to go to a  St Pat's tea this Saturday, so I have one more fun event to look forward to before St Pat's is done and gone for another year.

I hope you had some fun today. 


mamasmercantile said...

A wonderful celebration sharing it with family. Those two children are real cuties and growing so fast, they look adorable all in green.

Prairie Patch Quilts said...

So happy you are having more than one special St. Patrick's Day celebrations. Love all the pictures.

Huckleberry stitches said...

What a lovely celebration! And yes I do agree they kids are adorable! Happy St. pattys day!

Susan said...

Ooooo, your dinner at your daughter's and SIL's sounded terrific. Yummy yum yum,Linda. Nice photos, too! Susan

Stephanie said...

I can't believe how big Otto has gotten! Where has the time gone?! He sure is a handsome young man :)

Your celebration looked delightful and I'm sure it was filled with fun and laughter.

Love to you!