Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tea Time Thursday #48

Oh my goodness, it has been such a busy week! After helping my dad the first two days of the week, the next two days were spent babysitting Otto. Everyone has a new schedule that will soon be routine, even for Jimmy and Linda. So before this Thursday slips away, I would like to wish you a Happy Tea Time Thursday!

I'm very anxious for fall and fall decorating, but the weather is warm and still summer like, so I will wait...just a little longer. I have been planning, of course! So today, I'd like to share this lovely little vintage cup and saucer. I bought it not long ago at an Estate sale. It's so delicate and I love the look, especially the dainty little purple violets.

I did a wee it of research on the marking on the bottom of the cup. It's probably from the mid 1800's and was made in Germany by the Carl Tielsch Company.  It's in pretty good condition for it's age and it is bone china.

The sweet little thing just called to me and I HAD to take it home. This one is a keeper and will join the many others in my tearoom. Don't you just wonder what kind of life this little teacup has enjoyed?

I thought it would be fun today to look at a few of my tea time books that I haven't thumbed through for quite awhile. Jane Pettigrew has written 15 tea books and gives workshops around the world. This was one of my first tea books and I have always enjoyed it, especially the holiday sections.

STEEPED IN TRADITION by Frances Hoffman is quite a great book to enjoy. It has a lot of history about tea and vintage pictures too. Frances grew up in England and then moved to Ontario Canada. Recipes are also included.

This last book is a fairly recent addition to my collection. It's a great book for different tea time sandwiches...."Tastefully Small".  Several photos are also included to share the recipes.

I fixed a cup of Bigelow's English Breakfast tea and spent some time reading and enjoying my books. A very nice way to relax this " almost fall afternoon".


mamasmercantile said...

I love the look of those books they look wonderful and the cup and saucer is a real delight. Hope you are having fun looking after Otto. I am just off to visit one of my Grandsons. Have a great weekend.

Susan said...

Relaxing with a book and favorite tea. Sounds good to me, Linda.

I bought two fall rugs for the front porch stoop today, plus a fall table runner. Getting in the mood.

Hauled my amber glass collection down from the attic and most of the pieces, about a dozen, are lining the kitchen windowsills. The rest about five more pieces, are on the table in the hall.

I have a cinnamon candle burning and a fall doll with leaves all over her dress sits in the corner of the table.

But it's hotter than blazes so to me, fall isn't here. Just getting ready for it. Susan