Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Another Very Thoughtful Gift and a Visitor

I am just so touched by the sweet gifts that I have received from my friends to celebrate becoming a grandmother.

The mailman brought me a wonderful package! It's a lovely spoon stamped "Grandma's tea" in the bowl of the spoon. I was just thrilled and amazed at this darling spoon. As an Etsy person myself, I was delighted that it was made by an Etsy artist~Blithe Vintage is the name of the shoppe. Such a clever gifts and I just love it.

When I turned the little card over, I discovered it had been sent by my friend Clarice at Storybook Woods and her family. Thank you all of you! Clarice told me it was also from her mom, my friend, Linda.

I tried to get a good photo of the stamped words...this is the best I could get, but I think you can see the sweet message inside.

Saturday morning, Prince Otto was left at our door for an overnight visit! His mommy, daddy and sister Ava were taking a little trip to Seattle for a break. We were the lucky ones to get the baby! This is just after he arrived and he was wide awake! So cute. His little eyebrows and eyelashes are coming in. Looks pretty fair to me.

This photo just makes me smile...funny little bunny.

He didn't stay awake too long. Sound asleep in his grandpa's arms. Look at these two guys in my life!

I love how he just stretches out and sleeps on his little arm. Ahhhh.....he spends a lot of his time sleeping and growing.

This was Sunday when he was sound asleep in my arms. I love this picture. We did pretty well with Otto's first visit! The new little bed worked out quite well, he took a bottle (mommy has been nursing him) and he slept pretty good at night too. We are still trying to get used to the plumbing of a little boy! We had two daughters so this is very different for the grandparents! We're getting better.

It sure is a blessing to have a grand baby. He's our little angel. 


Jane said...

I am so amazed they would leave such a little guy. I'm sure you both had lots of fun though with him. Little boys are lots of fun and, yes, the plumbing is tricky sometimes. A blast in the face is not what we normally expect. :)

Susan said...

Linda, Linda, Linda....he's so beautiful! So cunning! So adorable! So grown up looking! Ohhhhhh, your heart must be overflowing with joy and love.

And Linda, the surprise package came!!!!!!! I was so thrilled.THANK YOU SO MUCH.

I have houseguests until Saturday. Then things will slow down a little and I'll be in touch. Susan

Storybook Woods said...

Oh my gosh Otto is such a beautiful baby. I am so glad the spoon came and I hope you will know how much we all treasure when you use it. Congratulations grandma love Clarice

LaVonne said...

Linda, weren't you the one looking for the pee pee tipi fabric? It's best to put a washcloth or something over him while you change him or you'll be changing yourself too! That cool air is a trigger! lol
I love the pics. He's a big boy, but still so tiny in Grandpa's arms!

Karen Frost said...

Oh, so very precious! Your heart must be so full of love for this sweet little bundle of joy! How nice of your friends to send the 'grandmother's tea' spoon. How cute! I know you will use it with pride. Little Otto is just adorable. xo

Stephanie said...

Oh Linda, my heart totally melted when I saw baby Otto - he is such a cutie-pie!! I received a very pretty card from you, thank you, precious friend :)

Love ya!

GardenOfDaisies said...

Be careful when you change those diapers! ;-) He looks so adorable sleeping in his Grandpa's arms.

Linda Fox said...

I remember those days, everyone wants to hold the baby. You are lucky that his parents are willing to let you have him for a few days. There is nothing like a new baby. I know you will have many more fun times with him. Glad you enjoyed the spoon.

Denise said...

I Love all the photos.Sweet darling baby.So happy for You.of course the spoon is so dear:)Love,Denise

janice15 said...

Such a sweet little man.. He is very handsome.. looks good in Grandpa arms.. Happy Sunday my dear.. enjoy your grandson.. with love Janice