Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wedding Favors....Crafting Therapy

My brother-in-law is doing a little better today. Jim went to the hospital and was happy to see some progress.Thank you to all for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers....he sure needs them!Alisa had friends with her to help today so I used my day to make the little Jordan Almond wedding favors for Eric and Gina's wedding. It's the only thing she asked me to make, so I was excited to spend the day crafting.

I got the darling tags from LesRoseBoutique on Etsy. Sweet and simple, just perfect.
I used the little net rounds, filled them with Jordan almonds, added a bit of lace and ribbon and attached the darling wedding tag. It did take awhile to make about 150 but they are so cute. I tied some with black ribbon as her colors are black, seafoam green, and a pinkish red along with white and cream.

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Kathryn Ross said...

Hi milady! So good of you to stop by my place. I fear I have been so bogged down OUTSIDE of Blogland that all and sundry blogging friends might forget me! My summer of too much busy getting ready for my debut school year with my own homeschool classes has kept me from "me" time.

But, I see you have had your own adventures with much family illness. May you continue to know God's peace through the trials - and His joy as you prepare for the upcoming wedding. My daughter and I spent Saturday at Michaels and Hobby Lobby gathering together ideas and decor for her wedding coming up in mid-November. So much to do - so little time to do it.

I will look forward to your birdcage needlework being complete - a sweet piece - and that birdie teacup by Victoria you featured was too sweet for words. I am off to the kitchen for, I daresay, it is morning teatime just about now!