Saturday, March 17, 2012

Top of the Morning to You!

Jim and I left Oregon early Thursday morning for a trip to Montana! My dear friend LaVonne will be celebrating her 50th birthday on Sunday, and we had been working on a big surprise trip for months.
Her sweet daughter Juliana was my set up person and we really had to try hard to keep it all the plans secret and working! We drove to Spokane on Thursday and then drove onto Belgrade MT on Friday.
Juliana convinced her mom to meet her for dinner and Jim and I walked in after they were seated. LaVonne screamed so LOUD I still can't believe it. YES...she was totally surprised! We did it! Amazing! I am still in disbelief!
She is teaching a chicken class today so Jim and I went to the Garagearama in Boseman. OH FUN and lots of goodies to take home.
We are meeting her family for the big Walleye Banquet tonight. They said about 600 people will be there! A taste of the west. Jimmy is soooo excited.
I'll post pix later about more Montana adventures.
Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Now you know why I didn't put up my decorations this years! Was too busy planning this big fun trip.


Linda said...

Have a great time.

Susan said...

Hi Linda....Sounds like it's going to be a blast. Have FUN! Susan

romance-of-roses said...

What a delightful surprise she had. Isn't it fun to actually really surprise someone? Hugs...Lu