Sunday, October 2, 2011

LaVonne's visit and just too much fun!

LaVonne has been here since Monday night and we are just having way too much fun! She is an easy guest, so helpful, fun and just a JOY to have here with me!
Here's some pictures from Day at the bins!

Yes, Day #1 netted us a trunk load of goodies!

So one to Day #2! We met Morgan at the Salvation Army thrift store and then on to the Dessert thrift store. Morgan was on the old Tasha Tudor site and she and LaVonne are on another group together, so it was so nice to finally meet her. She lives in Portland and we share the same birthday, but we had never met. She was fun and we had so much to talk about and share. I'm afraid LaVonne and I wore her out!  So here are some photos of the loot from Day #2.

As you can see, we are having so much fun-can you hear the laughs? Good times, good friends!

On Day #3, we were going to stay home and craft until we checked the internet for estate sales. We decided we had to go to one ASAP! I got us a bit lost and we had to return to the house for the correct address so Helga (GPS) could help us get there! It was worth all the effort as it was a FANTASTIC sale. I was loaded with "stuff" as the owner had been quite a collector. We left some money there, but what treasures we got...some to keep and some to sell. On the way home we stopped at a small sale run by some Sunday School friends of a little old German man...Oscar. The man in the garage who was his friend, was just the most kind soul. He had a peaceful comforting way about him and shared stories about Oscar with us. It was so sweet and touching. LaVonne and I both come from German families who went to Russia before journeying onto America and the Dakotas. LaVonne bought a wonderful Good Shepherd print for her collection and I know she remember that day when she looks at the print.
She also found a darling German sewing box with mushroom attachments~so perfect for her. We left the little home with such feelings that we could hardly speak.

We did finally stay home on Day #4 to do some crafting. We had to work on our Fall Tasha Tudor Exchange project. We spent most of the day working on this, but I must say, they turned out so cute! We hate to part with our creations! LaVonne's will be going to NY and mine will be leaving for France. I can't show the finished product yet as I don't want to ruin the suprise.

Once again, the day had slipped away and we decided to go to The Poor Farm for dinner as it's one of LaVonne's favorite places to eat. What a fabulous dinner we had-scallops with winter squash and chipotle butter sauce. Oh oh oh, so good~we put our jammies on and ended the day with a full tummy and a happy heart.

Yummy yummy yummy! I'm sure LaVonne will post about the rest of dinner, so I'll leave that for her.

Going to a miniature show tomorrow, so I better get some sleep.


Storybook Woods said...

Good god ladies, what a haul. I am drooling. Tooo much fun xoxo

wilhelmina said...

Love you both!!! So much fun to see and read about your visit!

Goldie said...

You guys found some awesome treasures!

fabraholic said...

Looks like you guys found some awesome stuff!!!! So glad you had soooo much fun. :-)

Suzanne said...

Oh I wish I had been with you two--fun!